USS Relativity's registry number is NCV-474439-G.

At the front of the bridge there is a rectangular viewscreen, which is used to display data about the timestream and the timeframe being monitored by the ship. In front of the viewscreen is a large helm console which has seating for two officers. On the left-hand side of the viewscreen is a long, thin window which allows a direct view out into space.
Behind the helm are four steps that lead to the upper level of the bridge; the two levels are separated by a metal rail, which curves from the stairs to the front wall of the bridge. On the port side of the upper level is the captain's chair, which is positioned behind a work console. The rear of the bridge is dominated by a wall of consoles and displays, and the temporal transporter pad. No turbolifts are visible from the bridge; instead, a long corridor curves gently away from the command center to other locations throughout the ship. A small alcove at the back of the bridge is used as a briefing room. The computer terminals can sense nearby movement and can be operated without touching them. There is also a temporal transporter on the bridge, described below.

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The bridge's transporter pad allows personnel to be beamed into and from the past. Before a transport is initiated USS Relativity's shields are raised, and the target time and place is programmed. The screenshots show the process of beaming someone (Janeway) onto the USS Relativity. ST:M says the transporter is designed to transport one person at a time but at the end of [Relativity] both Janeway and Seven stand on the transporter pad at the same time. Perhaps they were transported one after the after? Too many time jumps can cause neural damage or even temporal psychosis.


Views of the bridge:

Captain's chair and control console.

Looking towards the viewscreen.

Captain's chair and control console.
These two screenshots show how spacious the bridge is.

TCARS computer displays.
The computer terminals can sense nearby movement and can be operated without touching them.

USS Relativity's dedication plaque.

According to ST:M, USS Relativity's motto is "The only reason for time is to stop everything happening at once."

Federation timeship crew have a saying, "Tempus fugit" (Latin for "time flies").

Federation timeship, USS Relativity, exterior.

USS Relativity, fore view.
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USS Relativity, aft view.
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USS Relativity, dorsal view.
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USS Relativity, starboard view.
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                          AEON, U.T.S A one-man 29th-century Federation timeship about six meters long, black in color, which emits a graviton-matrix rift for time travel and has an emergency beam-out system. The Aeon is also equipped with subatomic disruptor weapons. The Aeon, commanded by Captain Braxton, made a trip to 2373 to destroy the U.S.S. Voyager for presumably causing a temporal disruption that would destroy Earth's solar system in the 29th century. The ensuing encounter led to the Aeon crash-landing on Earth in 1967 and being appropriated by Henry Starling, who used its technology to initiate the computer revolution on Earth and make a huge fortune for himself. In 1996 Starling attempted to take the Aeon back to the 29th century so he could acquire more technology from the future, but Voyager intervened and destroyed the timeship, with Starling in it, before he could enter a temporal rift. In a case of predestination paradox, the ship's destruction erased the original timeline whereby Braxton tried to destroy Voyager, and in fact Braxton appeared again in the Aeon in 1996 to bring Voyager back to 2373. But that timeline was not completely wiped out: The events of 1967-1996 seemed to remain intact, with the Aeon's 29th-century technology continuing to benefit Voyager's holographic Doctor with a mobile emitter.                        



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